Music video – working with BackBeat SoundSystem on ‘Losing Faith’…

I haven’t really had a chance to update my blog lately, unfortunately one of the pifalls of being freelance, and each and every job blending into the next.
I wanted to write a more in depth post about a recent music video project that I really enjoyed. I have lots of behind the scenes photos to share as well, but until I complete the full write up – check out the finished video!
Thanks – Ant // Resolve Film

Me, Elf and Kerry on location – St Austell Car Park

Elf getting his keyboard shot

Zac – laying down some grooves

I love a good umbrella

I thought I’d take time out to play some drums on this one!

Darren getting ready for a take in the smoke

Multi cam record of Darrens take

Leaving the woods

Me, checking the shot at our viaduct location