Gear Review – Edelkrone SliderPlus+ V1

I have just purchased the new edelkrone SliderPLUS+ and thought I would put it through its paces with some test shots in my garden here in Cornwall, UK.
I have NOT been paid to promote this company or produce this test. I genuinely love the product and think it is well worth considering for small dolly moves and when travelling. It’s ultra compact at 38.5cm in length and lightweight at 1.7kg. edelkrone market the product as the slider that fits in your backpack and it’s true. I’ve always used much longer sliders and to have one with such high quality and which is so compact is fantastic.
Thanks for watching.
I mainly use compact sliders like this for my work on speciality wedding highlight films.
Check out some of my work here:

Edit: I have a small issue with the slider in that the carriage is loose and seems to catch as I make a dolly move. There is no online instructions so I am not sure what needs to be adjusted in order to stop the issue – hopefully someone from Edelkrone will get back to me soon.