Stephen Brodsky – Suburbia Solo Session

In October of 2014 I was in New York working on a viral advertising campaign for computer games startup company Turbo Studios. While staying there we were lucky enough to visit (and stay at) the awesome underground venue ‘Suburbia’ in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

I was working with my good friend Ryan Mackfall, alongside his company Crashburn Media and Ryan had organised for Stephen Brodsky to come and hang out, drink some beers, and perform a few solo tracks for us to film. The guys at Suburbia did a great job of recording and mixing the tracks in post, and while Ryan took on his usual directors role, I was left to shoot some run and gun camera work for the videos.

 Ant Barrett (ResolveFilm) / Eric Fairchild (Crime in Stereo) / Stephen Brodsky (Mutoid Man) / Ryan Mackfall (Crashburn Media)

Stephen is well known for being a musician in ‘Cave In’ and ‘Mutoid Man’, as well as an former member of ‘Converge’. The whole shoot was very relaxed and in-formal, and we were able to have a really interesting evening, discussing music in between recording takes. A highlight for me was watching Steve perform the  ‘Cave In’ track, ‘Brain Candle’, as this was one of the tracks I first listened to from the band, back in 2000.

Below you can see all five videos from this amazing solo session – a brilliant example of what can happen when you’re in the right place at the right time…

Stephen Brodsky – Solo performance of Mutoid Man’s “Gnarcissist”

Stephen Brodsky – Solo performance of Cave In’s “Brain Candle”

Stephen Brodsky – Solo performance of “Blip”

Stephen Brodsky – Solo performance of Willie Nelson’s “I Gotta Get Drunk”

Stephen Brodsky – Solo performance of OFF!’s “Blast”